Sunday, June 26, 2011

So now that I have a food blog...

So now that I have a food blog I get to share with you all the things I absolutely love and crave and wished before I could scream it to the world. If you know me, you know I can get pretty passionate and dramatic about the littlest things. And this may be one of them. In 2010 my idol chef started a line with Target. Giada De Laurentiis has had me glued to the screen since I fell in love with cooking 7 years ago, when I met my husband. Not only is her show filmed in the most beautiful way possible, but the food she's making is ridiculously easy and gourmet. Plus most of it, even lots of her pasta dishes, can be called healthy. I love that. Anyways, I can go on all day about GDL, but back to Target. Here are few of her products that I absolutely crave and love!

The Panini Press
I love this piece. It's red enamel is so clean and modern but the fact that it's the ones with the lid press, makes it a little traditional, and that's exactly what Giada is about. I have a panini press with a hinged lid, but I like the idea of doing it myself. That's what I love about cooking; its not just about the result, it's every step of the process that I love. I'm the girl who buys the fresh green beans and sits for an hour and trims them myself!

Giada is famous for her incredible paninis. I am constantly making them as a snack for my husband, and I love that you can make delicious ones with a great selection of vegetables. I want this!

Sicilian Sea Salt with Fresh Lemon Zest
If you think Giada is just another chef that smacks her name onto products, that are labeled with false and fancy names, you are so wrong. This Sicilian sea salt is definitely straight from Sicily, and I am so sure she taste tested different local sea salts before selecting the perfect one. And the lemon zest? Totally her own idea! It's just so Giada. This is the perfect way to add the finishing touch on a great grilled fish or that extra zing of flavor to salads and veggies. This makes my mouth water.

I hope you enjoyed this non recipe post. Like I said I love everything about being in the kitchen, from choosing ingredients all the way to that first bite. So when I see a product or technique I'm excited about, I will definitely be sharing it with you! Leave a comment and tell me: WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE TV CHEF?

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