Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspired by Efrat Libfroind

I am sorry to say that is rare to find a kosher cookbook that really blows me away. Don't get me wrong, I did love the kosher palette. But the recipes weren't that surprising to me. Yet recently I was drawn to a cookbook, first for it's beautiful cover, where every single page excited me to the point where I wanted to start cooking right there! It's called Kosher Elegance by Efrat Libfroind. The photos are exquisitely shot and the components of the ingredients just make perfect sense, while still surprising you by their combinations. So, similar to that Julia Child movie, where the actress goes through the famed cooks recipes, I am going to test the recipes and report back here about how they came out. I'll make little changes if I feel the need and suggest other ideas that are inspired by some of them if they come about. I am really thrilled that I found this book now, right before the holidays. It should give me lots of things to think about when planning my holiday menus.
So start looking for posts titled The Efrat Libfroind Project - "Recipe Name" and get excited, I think this is gonna be good!

A last minute thought. Have any of you heard of this cookbook? Is it new? Am I late? Have you tried any of the recipes. Leave comments and let me know.

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