Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hot Chocolate Party

If you know me well enough, I will find any reason to throw a party, and the winter is the perfect one for me. It's no secret that I love the cold season. With the rain or snow making music outside your window, what's a better way to get warm than to throw a hot chocolate party?!
The newest trend this winter is the hot chocolate bar. A steamy cup of chocolaty goodness with a side of yummy toppings.

Invite your friends over and welcome them into your home the right way. Have a basket of slipper socks to toast those toes, and soft throw blankets to wrap up in.

Whip up some homemade hot chocolate and lay out the fixings. Let your friends top their mugs with their favorite flavors for a cup of hot chocolate that will warm up their souls.
Keep them awake with freshly ground espresso beans. Add half a teaspoon into your mug for a cafe mocha treat.
Serve biscotti to dip into the hot chocolate for a comforting bite. Add a luxurious touch by first dipping the biscotti in white chocolate and letting it set before serving.
Throw on some mini marshmallows and watch them melt to bring our the child in you.
Get naughty by spiking your coco with some dark rum. A teaspoon will be enough to heat you up on the inside.
Sticks or crushed, peppermint candy is a refreshing take on the classic hot chocolate.
Chocolate and orange become the best of friends during winter. A few ribbons of orange peel bring out the richness of the chocolate.
Spice up with some cinnamon sticks, a classic combo, and always sure to get you into the winter mood.
What goes better with chocolate, than more chocolate?! Give your guest delicious choices by serving dark, milk and white chocolate shavings to sprinkle onto their mugs.

Pop in a favorite movie and I promise you, your friends won't want to go home!

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