Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sesame Glazed Chicken with Fired Mini Peppers

As a working mother, I love short cuts. But that doesn't mean I am pulling out frozen boxed dinners on a moments notice. And there are very few jarred sauces I fall head over heels for. Well, make that two. One of them is Mikees Marinade with Garlic, which I recently showed you in a past post for a Chinese stir fry recipe. And the other one is Maui Mountain Sweet and Sour Sauce.

 It's the exact flavor of that bad for you, but so good sweet and sour chicken you get at the take out place. But sometimes sauce out of jar begins to taste like...well sauce out of a jar. So I decided to mix it up a bit. Literally . I combined half quantities of each sauce. Added a little sesame oil and sesame seeds and smothered it over chicken drumsticks. The flavor was new, yet had all the things I love about both sauces. It's literally lick your fingers delicious.  Just toss them in the oven, covered for 350. Bake for an hour and uncover for an additional 30 minutes or till they get a gorgeous golden brown crisp skin. When the main course is something so savory, and packed with flavor, I like to keep sides pretty simple. Throwing peppers on the fire, makes them smokey and sweet and definitely one of my favorite things. The fact that they are mini peppers makes it a great one biter. This dinner idea is super fast and simple, and what you will be making tonight.

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